Frequently Asked Questions

Is lunch provided/included?

We offer lunch at $7/day, provided by Wholesome Kids Catering.

Can I register my child for two non-consecutive weeks?

Yes! However you cannot bundle the final two weeks of summer, they are sold separately. 

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes! You save 10% on your second child.

Do you accept Credit Card?

Yes! We are now accepting credit cards, however there is a 2.5% charge on all transactions. We also accept email transfers, cash and cheques.

Are you open at McKee Public School?

YES! We are open in McKee Public School during Summer 2019.

Can I register for only one or two days a week?

Yes! Our registration is extremely flexible, just click daily drop in when you register.

Do I have to register for consecutive weeks to get the One Month Discount?

No, you may register for any 4 weeks from July 2nd - August 16th.

How will you be traveling to your field trips during the last 2 weeks?

We will be taking a school bus to and from our trips.