Summer Program

Basketball Lesson

Outdoor Sports & Physical Activity

We develop young athletes through daily Basketball, Soccer and/or Baseball lessons led by experienced instructors. Our sports program and daily yoga routine are designed to accommodate all ages and skill levels. Outdoor physical activity is necessary for a developing child, so we make it fun with instructions, progressions, sports, games, and obstacle courses.  

Camp Arts


At Sunnyside Up, our art program is based on campers’ interests and driven by their creativity. From music, to drama, and enormous visual arts projects, our camp's focus is on skills-building, teaching the fundamentals of arts & crafts, acting, singing, imagination-building, and more. We challenge our campers to create their own ideas, dance moves, and masterpieces to inspire the true artist within them! 

Science for kids


Sunnyside Up campers explore a wide variety of experiments to learn and experience science first hand. We believe that campers learn best through fun, hands on experiments that they can put to use in their everyday lives. Our camper's favourite experiments include: Making Slime, Play-Doh, gravity experiments with balloons, mixing baking soda and vinegar and much more! 

Kids doing CPR

First Aid

Safety is our top priority! We believe basic first aid training is an essential life skill and it is never too early to start learning!  We teach how to perform CPR, help a choking victim, how to treat a nose bleed/broken bones and more. Our certified instructors not only teach first aid daily, we engage our campers by simulating fun practice situations so they can absorb the information and never forget it. 


Sunnyside Up Field Trip Camp

During the last two weeks of summer we will be going on a trip everyday! Trips like the Toronto Zoo, The Science Center, High Park and so many  more fun and adventure filled places! Click the button to see our trip schedule.

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